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New video in the making!

A couple of months ago, we realised that our Big Sciota video, even though it has broken the 30K view barrier(!), was getting a bit old and world weary and it was time to make a new video. We tried for months to find someone to work with and film the video but kept reaching unforutnate dead-ends in the process. Then, a few weeks ago, out of the blue, we were put in touch with Old Piano Films based out of Liverpool and, within 2 weeks of our initial meeting, we were filiming at the lovely Lantern Theatre. We'll be filming the other half of the video this coming Friday and we'll have the video ready for the world to see in the New Year. It's quite a long day filimng a video and sent us a little bit mad by 4pm last week.... as you can probably tell by the video below....

Two more gigs to go for us this year, the Marine Theatre on Saturday 5th and a Mike/Jay duo gig the following week at the Redbourn Folk Club. Hope to see you there!


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