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"Ravishing Ruby" by Tom T Hall

We have a new video to show you all.

As part of the new album campaign, there's a 'Cover Song Request' option over on our shop. You can choose any song for us to learn, record and upload to our YouTube channel....... and here is our first one! We'd like to say a huge thank you to Simon Hall who requested this absolutely fantastic song by the great Tom T Hall. We have to admit that we hadn't come across this song before, or the artist in fact, but since Simon's request came along we have delved into Tom Hall's back catalogue and it's all amazing! Great songwriting and a fantastic voice.

So, here is our cover version of Tom 'T' Hall's Ravishing Ruby... hope you enjoy!

If you have a song you want to hear us play, head over to the shop to purchase your cover song request :)

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