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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

We've had a wonderful 2017 with many thousands of miles under our belts, some cracking gigs and lots of new fans picked up along the way. As we move into 2018, we're going to be more quiet than usual on the touring front for the first half of the year as we are knee deep in the writing (and then recording) phase of album number 4! Keep an eye out on our tour page as we still will be popping out onto the M6 every now and then to try out some new material and keep the rust off the old songs :)

For anyone looking to improve their fiddle or mandolin skills, Mike and Jay will be teaching at the fantastic Folkus weekend at Waddow Hall at the start of February. If you haven't been before, you should definitely check it out.... its a wonderful weekend re-treat with like-minded people ... you'll learn loads (hopefully) and the food's amazing!

See you all on the road somewhere and keep an eye out for exciting new-album announcements!


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