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Costa-del-Winter Tour!

The nights are drawing in, the jumpers are out of storage, the Redwings have arrived back to spend the winter feeding in the hedgerows, the rain is now constant (although, it has been all year) and the heating is back on... this all means one thing ... our Winter Tour is starting soon!

But, before we delve into the tour dates, we'd like to just take a moment to mention the fantastic Costa del Folk Festival in Portugal. We had the pleasure of spending most of last week in a 5* resort in Albefueira on the southern tip of Portugal as part of this wonderful festival. Imagine getting a big grabber (one like you use in arcades to (occasionally) win soft toys) and picking up a folk festival, then plonking it in the middle of a 5* resort in Portugal ... sounds great right? Yep, it is! We had an absolute blast doing 3 gigs out there, then spending the rest of the time by the pool and eating ... beats camping and rain soaked beer right? If you haven't had the chance to go to and love folk music, you should definitely try it out! Here's a photo taken by the great Mike Harding from our main stage gig ... as you can see by the fact mike is in shorts and flip flops ... it was hot!

Now, back to colder matters, in just under 2 weeks, we head out on our Winter 2017 tour! we'll be touring some new songs, plus the ol' favourites in all of these lovely locations:

For full gig info and ticket links, head over to the tour page. That's all for now, we'll hopefully see you on road somewhere.

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M, J & L


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