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Cheers Doris!

Well, I'm sat here writing this in the wrong place. Today, I should have woken up in the beautiful surroundings of the furthest reaches of South West Wales ... but unfortunately, Doris had other ideas. Our home county of Cheshire bore the brunt of Storm Doris, and we had to cancel our gig in Burnett's Hill Chapel last night. Not only did we feel it was unsafe to drive round the back roads of rural Wales at the height of a 'Weather Bomb' with wheelie bins and branches being thrown at us, we also had the small problem of all roads out of or little village being completely blocked by fallen trees! Never mind, we are looking at a re-arranged date asap ... probably in the summer when storms are less likely.

Unfortunately, that also means the first part of our 2017 tour has finished. Not the longest tour in history, but some wonderful gigs in great venues non the less. We played at a newly refurbed Bury Met, a Coffee Shop under a Church in Wallasey, a community library in Ainsdale and a wonderful arts centre run by volunteers in Bollington. All were cracking gigs and we wish we could do them all again!

We now have a month off while Mike releases an EP and heads off on tour with the 4Square bunch, while Jay and Lucy have another band in the form of The Rip Roaring Success doing a few gigs around the Chester area.

Finally, we have reached the 2 year anniversary of our last album - Weave - being released. We're still so proud of it and a lot of the songs from it still form the basis of our live sets. If you haven't got your copy yet (where have you been?), it's available via RootBeat's shop. We also did a little live video of it to celebrate:

That's all for now, check out our tour page to see if we're heading to a town near you in April/May.

Cheers everyone


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