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Summer Update

Well, it looks like summer has finally decided to join us, and as it's been a few months since our last blog update, I thought I'd do a mid-summer-summary of everything that's been happening at Jaywalkers HQ ... also known as Mike and Jay's kitchen table.

We're just about halfway through our festival season, with some great ones already behind us and some really exciting ones coming up. A particular highlight so far this year has to be our trip to the first ever Kimpton Folk Festival 2 weeks ago. They very kindly gave us the opportunity to open up the sold-out Saturday evening concert and it has to go down as one of our favourite gigs ... ever! They must have been paying the audience to be extra enthusiastic or something because they were so much fun to play to. A massive congratulations to Bill, Di and the rest of the team for doing such a great job planning a

festival for the very first time. We've also had some smashing gigs at the other festivals we've been to so far this year, particularly at Wath Festival, Dalesfest, Ymuno and Ireby Festival. All of them worth you paying a visit to next year (whether we're playing there or not)

We still have some big gigs coming up in the next few months, as I write this, Warwick Folk Festival is getting under way and we shall be making our way down there tomorrow to play slots on Saturday night and Sunday. Come say hello if you're in the area! As well as Warwick, we have Purbeck Valley Folk Festival and Weyfest to round off our festival season. Both cracking gigs that we are really looking forward to.

It was Lucy's birthday recently and me and Jay have noticed a trend at sound check over the last few years .....

We'll be announcing our winter tour dates soon so keep an eye out on the Tour page.

Hope to see you all soon, keep playing, listening and enjoying music!



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