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Cecil Sharp House

Well, that's it, summer's over. This year, it lasted a record 2 days.... almost twice as long as summer normally does. But, just as the birds still sing through the driving rain, our tour will carry on whatever the weather. We've got 2 great gigs coming up in the next week, starting with a Rural Tour gig at The Bouverie Hall in Pewsey which are always good fun as you have no idea where the audience actually comes from. More often than not, the audience is bigger in size than the village you're playing in. Then, in a weeks time, we have a gig that we've been looking forward to for ages: a joint show with the fantastic Cardboard Fox at the home of the UK folk scene, Cecil Sharp House! It'll be a cracking evening as we shall be doing our normal set of bluegrass/folk wanderings ... but it's also the London launch for Cardboard Fox's new album! Exciting stuff. Come on down, you don't want to miss it!

I'm off out for a walk now, the rain has halted to a minor drizzle which is enough to tempt me outside for a spot of birdwatching.

Have a good week everyone


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