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Spring Tour!

We've had our month off from Jaywalkers related music and are back on the road this Thursday to kick off our spring tour at the Kitchen Garden Cafe in Birmingham .... of course by "the road" I mean "the M6" and by "back on" I mean "stuck in traffic on". We've got some great ones in this tour, including a joint gig with Cardboard Fox at Cecil Sharp House (also known as Folk Music Central) to celebrate the release of their new album, and our first ever 'proper' Rural Tour gig at the Bouverie Hall in Pewsey. Festival season also kicks off in May with our first ever visit to the Wath Festival, and a return to one of our favourite festivals - Ireby! Be sure to come and say 'HI' at one of the gigs, there'll be a few new tracks starting to edge their way into the sets.

Here's to being stuck in traffic for another 2 months!


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