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End of the year

So, there we go, last Thursday saw us playing our final gig of what has been a fantastic year for us. An album release and over 60 gigs seems like a job well done for us.. time to relax, enjoy the festive period and do some writing! Some real highlights in there that we shall be summarising in a nice neat package towards the end of the month.

We've seen a first draft of our new video that will be out early next year .... and you're going to love it! At one point... there are 4 of each of us on the screen! Mike has also recently purchased a fancy-smanchy new camcorder, so you can expect a whole lot more 'home-made' videos next year... and possibly some sort of interactive 'request a tune and we'll record it' sort of idea.

This won't be the last blog of the year, we've got a few more things to say before the year is out... until then, be sure to find us on social media using JaywalkersFolk (facebook/twitter/instagram) and say hello!

Turra for now


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