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Oh! We're half way there...

So, now that I've got you singing Bon Jovi in your head, I'll apologise and say that's not what I intended. What I meant was, 'oh look, we're halfway through our May tour', but the title I went for just seemed a bit catchier to be honest.

I'd like to start off by congratulating the Cross family and their brand new Crossover Festival which has just happened at the lovely Clonter Theatre in Congleton. They did a remarkable job organising it all and we absolutely loved our gig there, and the rest of the weekend. The audience must have enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed them (their Cheese related heckling was particularly Brie-lliant) because we sold out of CD's! For anyone who missed them, everything is available to buy via our shop. From all three of us, we hope that the event becomes a mainstay of every Summer and you should all go along next year!

This weekend, we have a lovely 4 day trip up and down the motorway network. We'll be stopping at:

18/5: Ritz Acoustic Club, Burnham-On-Sea

19/5: The Prince Albert, Stroud

20/5: Hoxne Village Hall, Suffolk with The Waveney Valley Folk Collective

21/5: The Old School Hall, Barnsley

They're all going to be lovely gigs, so if you know anyone who leaves near any of those venues, tell 'em to come on down....

Livin on a prayer and we'll see you there :)

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