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Mandolin Day with Mike Giverin

A couple of months ago, I (Mike) decided (was persuaded by Jay) to do a one-off mandolin day. I was initially hesitant to take the task on, but, we have bitten the metaphorical bullet and now here we are with only 3 and a bit weeks to go before the day itself! "How many mandolin players are there really in the North West?" I hear you ask .... well, lo and behold, there are a few hidden out there in the woods apparently. We have a capacity of 25 for the day and we are already creeping up towards that limit.

The day is going to be split into two ... morning session will be technique based and the afternoon will be focussed around group playing. Lunch is included and there will be an endless supply of teas/coffees and biscuits. It's only £25 for the day (including the previously mentioned lunch) and you'll be home in time for tea! Not bad eh?

As I said earlier, tickets are selling pretty well, so if you want to come along, then head over to eventbrite to get your ticket as we want to avoid people who turning up on the day without tickets (there won't be enough crisps!!!).

To get your ticket, head over to this page:

Any questions, just use the Contact form on the Jaywalkers website.

Happy mandolin-ing everyone!


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